"Fix It" Movie Community Screening

Learn How You Can See It Too!

On May 19, Health Care Justice North Carolina hosted a screening and panel discussion of Fix It: Health Care at the Tipping Point, a privately funded documentary detailing the current flaws with the ACA and the benefits of adopting a single-payer system.

The documentary, produced by Unfinished Business LLC, was inspired by Richard Master, the founder and owner of MCS Industries, a world leader in the picture frame and decorative mirror business who "decided to tackle the problem of healthcare using best business practices...doing an in-depth analysis, finding the right diagnosis and then determining the fix."

Held at Morrison Public Library, over 30 people attended the screening and engaged in a productive discussion with the panel, comprised of local current or former business owners. Members of the panel included:

  • Sandy Welton, Founder and Former CEO of Morehead Associates
  • Michael Edwards, Owner of Metro, Metal and Design
  • Dr. Andrea DeSantis, DO, and former Manager, Marriott Corporation
  • Rochelle Rivas, President, DARTON Group Consulting

As business owners, the panel highlighted the unsustainability of the rising costs of providing private insurance plans for themselves and their employees.

If you are interested in hosting a screening of Fix It, please contact and a HCJNC member can attend to support discussion and answer questions.

To watch Fix It, visit