Meeting Recap: Health Care is a Right, Not a Privilege

Building the Movement for Single Payer in Charlotte

On October 6, 2016, Health Care Justice - NC held a meeting "Health care is a right, not a privilege: Stories of health care injustice, resolution, and solution."

Lue Raven and Penelope Wingard eloquently shared their stories of unexpectedly finding themselves without health insurance when they needed care. Though they have eventually found sources for much (but not all) of their needed care, they would be better off without the stress, uncertainty, and embarrassment they have suffered in the course of seeking care.

Karen Bean talked about the need to cover the gap of those who are uninsured in NC by expanding Medicaid. She urged the audience to consider candidates' positions on Medicaid expansion - and to vote.

Dr. Jessica Schorr Saxe talked about the need for a long-term solution to health care access. She described the advantages of a single-payer (Improved and Expanded Medicare for All) system.

A lively discussion ensued, with suggestions to try to engage people around the issue of morality, do outreach to the faith community and to millennials, and to partner with other groups that are trying to make the world a better place.

All present were encouraged to talk to friends and acquaintances about single-payer and to volunteer with Health Care Justice - NC.